Calm your dog naturally for the 4th of July

Dog calming with lavender essential oil

The 4th of July can be one of the most frightening times of year for dogs. Their hearing is many times greater than ours so as neighbors and communities light off fireworks, those loud sounds can be terrifying for your poor pup.

As there are so many chemicals pets are already exposed to in our every day environments, it is always good to use a natural alternative whenever possible. And for loud noises or scary situations, whether they be fireworks, thunderstorms, or even vet visits, pure, lavender essential oil can make a huge difference.

Lavender essential oils is the life-blood of the plant - the most pure and beneficial part of it. These days, you can find lavender scents in everything, but the overwhelming majority of these products are laced with chemicals, fillers and often times, many harmful ingredients. That is why it is best to know where you get your products from.

We use essential oils from Young Living, because they have a quality guarantee. They actually own their own farms and do not outsource any of their farming or distribution procedures so we know we are getting the purest and safest oils possible.

To ease your dog's fear using lavender essential oil, there are three simple ways you can help most.

  1. Drop one drop onto your hands and rub them together. Then gently pet and soothe your dog so they can get the benefit of your loving touch combined with the calming therapy of the oil.

  2. Take a drop of the oil and gently rub behind each ear of your dog.

  3. Put two to three drops into a diffuser and diffuse before and during the fireworks (or thunderstorm). Make sure to not place too many drops in the diffuser because your dog's sense of smell is much more powerful than yours so a little goes a long way.

Feel free to come in for a sample or you can click here to get your own bottle. Lavender's uses are great for people too!

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