Household Foods that are deadly to dogs

Your kitchen is one of the deadliest places in your house for your dogs. I know it is surprising, but there are a lot of foods in your kitchen that look and smell very tempting to your dog that could do them harm. Here are some of the most common ones that every dog owner should be aware of to help ensure the safety of their beloved pets.


Most people know that chocolate is hazardous to your dog, but they may not know just how bad it is for them. Chocolate can kill your dog extremely quickly. The darker the chocolate, it is the higher the cocoa content and the worse it is for them. And milk chocolate, although it has a lower cocoa content, will make your dog sick. Baking chocolate also falls under this category as it is very deadly to dogs. How toxic the chocolate ends up being for your dog is also going to depend how small or large they are compared to the quantity they consume. Of course, if a small dog eats lots of chocolate, it will be life-threatening because they are smaller. But as a rule to stick by, keep your dog away from every kind of chocolate.

Grapes and Raisins

Another very common household items are grapes and their dried wrinkly counterpart, raisins. Grapes and raisins seem harmless enough and like something fun and easy to share with your dog as a snack. However, grapes and raisins can actually cause kidney failure in dogs. Medical researchers are not sure if it is the skin, flesh or seeds that are the most harmful to dogs so it is important to keep all grape family items away from dogs (raisins, grape juice, and anything else included).


Now the latest and greatest food related poison for dogs is xylitol. It is an artificial sweetener and it is commonly found items such as sugar free gum but it is also found in many low-fat and diet foods like sugar-free jello, candies and snacks. So far, most dog poisonings from Xylitol result from them finding and eating gum, but it can happen with any item containing this chemical compound. Xylitol drives the dog’s blood sugar to go extremely low resulting in seizures and destroying their livers. If you are trying to eat fewer calories and you have sugar-free items in your house, make sure they can never be reached by your curious dog.

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