Free Bracelet for Fur-Mama's

& Help Our Rescue Animals

Bow Wow!


  • Free bracelet with the purchase of a welcome kit

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  • 24% off every oil product forever

  • No minimum, no renewal

Both you and the rescue dogs win!

24% off?

Yes! 24% off of every essential oil product when you get a membership. And unlike a warehouse membership that requires you to pay for a renewal every year, this membership lasts forever. And every thing you buy not only is of the highest quality, but will help loving and deserving rescue dogs and animals.


And support rescue dogs and animals?

YES! Not everyone is able to make donations to good causes, but people need healthy products for their homes and pets. So by swapping to these exceptional products, each purchase supports our animals in need. You can meet those animals when you come to the ranch or you can learn more by seeing them at our website at So whether it be Cody’s cancer surgery, daily food needs or annual vaccinations, your purchase makes a big difference.


What’s included?

Each welcome kit comes with the purest and powerful essential oils that you can use to support your pet’s health, eliminate toxins and chemicals from your home and improve your overall environment. It includes over $300 worth of the top products for $160 giving you an instant savings of $140.


Then use this from then on to not only get 24% off everything but get added free products and bonuses. And you will know that every dollar makes a big difference to these wonderful dogs and animals.

Offer valid through May 12, 2018. Order by May 8 to get free gift on time for Mother's Day.


If you would like more information about natural health products for your pet that also will help support our rescue animals, please fill out the form below. 

You are on your way to natural health for you pup! We will be reaching out to you soon to provide a private consultation on creating a customized health plan for your pet.