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Our Sanctuary Dogs

We have provided sanctuary to these dogs who are unable to be adopted because of health, behavior or circumstance challenges.

Kiwi's owner could not keep her and asked for us to be her forever home. Kiwi has become a wonderful part of the family and we love her dearly!
Mikey was found on the streets, extremely thin, covered in waste and missing almost all of his teeth. Because of his age and health conditions, he will have his forever home with us.
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Other Rescue Animals!

Over the years, we have naturally been able to rescue a few other kinds of animals! They are now able to live out the rest of their lives happy and healthy with our other rescue animals.

Lottie & Retired Horses
Lottie was starved and beaten when a rescue group saved her. We were able to adopt her so she could live out her final years happily and healthily.
Andrea & Stray Cats
We have had many cats show up to make the ranch home so we make sure they get spayed and neutered and take care of them.
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What We Do

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the well-being of dogs everywhere. We rescue, foster and care for dogs in need. Our goal is to help create happy families with the love of dogs. We strive to support dogs in need by helping raise awareness of dogs looking for loving homes and help raise awareness and support for other rescue organizations.

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